Allison H.-

Brenda is a true business woman developing something unique for our area - trustworthy rides for kids, seniors, ANYbody! I loved chatting with her during my ride and hearing about the solid business model she’s putting together to make sure it’s a safe, efficient, friendly experience for all involved. I cannot recommend her enough!

Meghan H.-

We don’t use Uber or Lyft locally... bc Ride N Go exceeds our expectations and undercuts the competition’s pricing. My mom recently had surgery to remove a brain tumor. We trusted Ride N Go to handle, not only my mom’s transportation but all of our family who came in for surgery and post-op care. Ride N Go is a professional experience with a personalized approach. Bravo!

Robin M.-

When I was admitted into the hospital Brenda was there in a flash to get my teenage daughter home safely. I didn't even feel like a "stranger" was getting her. She felt safe with her. Thank you Brenda!

Rose P.-

Brenda is awesome, promo, friendly and a great conversationalist. We would definitely use her again.

Janine J.-

Brenda is amazing! Have used her so much and is a real life saver for a working mum! Polite on time and amazing!

Clara J.-

I arranged a ride for my husband to get home from the airport yesterday and his flight was almost 2.5 hours delayed. Brenda kept track of the schedule and brought him home safe. Communication and transaction was prompt, clear and easy. I will definitely use your service again. Thank you very much Brenda! You are awesome!

Adéle S.-

Brenda gave us a ride to the airport at 5:40 am on a Saturday morning. She was punctual and very friendly. We were so impressed that we arranged for her to meet us at the airport again when we returned from our vacation. Our return flight arrived early and she adjusted her time accordingly so we didn't even need to wait. We would definitely make use of her services again!

Susan L.-

Brenda took me to the airport for a 5am flight. On time, friendly, professional. Conversation was wonderful. Communication regarding service and pickup etc was always spot on. Return trip from airport to home was with Maria, and again communication regarding who what when and where was all done!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company. Felt safe and well taken care of.

Laura N.-

Amazing service. I feel confident and safe when my kids rode with Brenda!

Michelle M.-

Needed to be at the airport at 4:15 am... Brenda got us there on time at a great price!!!